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Getting Started Training

When an adult joins the Scout Movement in any role, they are given a Provisional Appointment and are required to complete what is called "Getting Started" training. A DBS clearance is also required for all Adult roles.

There are basically two modules to complete for "Getting Started" and these must be completed within five months from the date that the Provisional Appointment Certificate is issued. Only in exceptional circumstances can this be extended for a further five months. NO further extension is allowed.

Module 1 training usually takes place on the same evening as the interview with the Appointments Advisory Committee, leaving five months for the completion of module 3 or 4 (depending on the role applied for.)

All modules need to be validated and once this has been done, the Appointments Secretary is informed in writing by the Assessor. Once this is received, the Appointments Advisory Committee will review the applicant and if all the necessary clearances have been received satisfactorily, a full appointment will be approved and Headquarters informed accordingly.

Module 1 is required by all Group Officers and Executive members.

All other roles require the completion of Module 1 and either Module 3 or 4, depending on the role.

(Assistant Leaders and Leaders are required to complete Wood Badge Training within five years of their appoinment.)

Further information can be found on the national websites.

Barry Angus

Appointments Secretary


Woodbadge Training


Open Training Sessions are run by the district as shown on the Calendar, there are also Drop-in Sessions planned for Saturday mornings, dates are on the Calendar.


Open Training Evenings are held throughout the Area over the year and a list is available below to download.


Anyone working on their woodbadge who cannot get to a open Evening are asked to contact the local Training Manager or a Training Adviser.

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