Sully Scout Group

Sully Group is presently in abeyance until we can find sufficient Adults to re-open the Group.

More information about the available Adult roles in Scouting can be found on this website or by Contacting the District Secretary via our contacts page.


The Sully Scout Group has had several names over the years, due to it being open and closed numerous times.

The last Group closed down over four years ago, due to a shortage of volunteers to continue the Group.

The Logo on this page depicts the infamous Sully Island.

There are sufficient youngsters in Sully to re-form the Scout Group, but we do not have any adults to get it going again at the present time.

To start a Scout Group we require a number of adults to perform the many roles available for a successful Scout Group:

A Group Scout Leader to co-ordinate and be responsible for the management of the Group.

A Beaver Scout Leader to be responsible for the running of the Beaver Scout Colony; a Cub Scout Leader to be responsible for the running of the Cub Scout Pack and a Scout Leader to be responsible for the running of the Scout Troop. Each of the sections will require at least one Assistant Leader and ideally some sectional assistants (non-Uniformed).

The general management of the Group is undertaken by a Group Executive Committee formed with a Chair Person, Secretary, Treasurer and general committee members. Ideally these people are parents or friends. It is usual for this committee to meet a minimum of four times a year, to provide additional funds for the Group and to ensure all equipment, etc. is adequately insured. Find leaders and helpers and generally be there to support the leaders who are responsible for the training of our members.

More information can be found on this website or via the national website.

If anyone is interested in re-forming the Sully Scout Group, please use our contact page to contact the District Secretary.


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