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An inclusive blend of people aged 18 - 25 who have a passion to develop and grow through a self structured programme of activities.  Whether you have any experience within Scouting as an older Explorer Scout, an adult leader or if you are completely new to this experience, your skills and personality as an individual will only compliment those of our existing members.
Meeting as regularly as your personal time allows, you have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of situations that are both stimulating and fun, making new friends and discovering how, through working together and following a simple commitment to some really great values you can become a better person than the one you were yesterday.
We use nationally recognised schemes such as the Queen's Scout and Duke of Edinburgh's Awards to provide some structure to our planning and have found that in using these as markers of our achievements we are able to see and measure our personal growth.
Network is supported by a small team of very experienced people with each responsible for part of what we do, either with an organisational role or perhaps coming up with a creative way of doing something new
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