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Practical multitasking for Les Pugh’s Own Explorer Scouts.

Continuing their long established philosophy of trying out new things, this week saw members of Les Pugh’s own Explorer Scouts try their hand at various hand craft skills. The brief was to produce a suspended candle holder that could be used outdoors. They were given a very sketchy outline of a finished product, just to stimulate their creative juices, shown the raw materials they were to use then left to get on with it. Guidance was given on the mechanical use of tools and equipment necessary to complete the task. With 13 projects on the go the leaders were kept busy monitoring each stage. To begin a length of mild steel bar had to be cut and shaped; this was achieved by bending it at the appropriate places and to the correct angles using formers in a vice. Tom D. Diligently producing a very accurate shape of a bottle. Taking a short piece of bar, using a centre punch and electric drill, holes were drilled through this bar and the support frame; these were them joined using ‘POP’ rivets to give a stable piece. With the hanging frame made attention was turned to the candle holder, a manufactured alloy tea light holder had to be cut down and drilled so using tin snips, thin wire rods and sticking plasters, to stem the flow of blood. This would enable the candles to be suspended inside the wind guard. The wind guard had to be made from a glass drinks bottle. This required the removal of the bottom of the bottle this was achieved with the use of a turntable, glass cutter and fine point blow lamp, once cut off the ends were smoothed with fine abrasive paper, to remove any sharp edges. The candle holder was then placed up inside the bottle with the attached wires going up through the mouth of the bottle and through a hole in the top of the support frame and secured. To light the candle the bottle is raised up then once lit dropped back over the candle creating a wind shield.

Dylan on the drillSam BendingTom Dan and Sam

Members of Les Pugh’s Own explorer Scout Unit

Held a 24hr meeting starting 7pm 30th As it was the Easter weekend they began by building catapults out of broom handles and sisal to enable them to launch some chocolate Easter eggs across the meeting hall into a receptacle, any eggs that failed to land safely became the property of the leaders. This ensured great attention to design and build techniques, as no child wants to lose a treat. Keeping to the egg theme the next task was to take a raw egg and extract the egg from its shell without breaking the shell. After much huffing and puffing, most succeeded to do this, by making a pin prick hole at either end and forcing the egg out by blowing into the egg. So as not to waste anything, the eggs were then beaten and with some mushrooms made into omelettes. Then in typical ‘sleepover’ mode they sorted their sleeping arrangements and settled to a late night file, nothing to do with eggs but fun. 7.15 saw them up and in the kitchen preparing a breakfast of bacon and scrambled egg, then a packed lunch each ready for the day’s activity. Jumping into the minibus they set off of to Penderyn on the Western edge of the Brecon Beacons national park. Although the weather was overcast and still a bit nippy they were given the responsibility to find their way to the Afon Hepste and the water fall Sgwd yr Eira, so carefully using the map they led the way across field and through wood until descending the steep and winding path down the side of the escarpment to the edge of the water fall. After so much recent wet weather the fall was in full flow giving a dramatic visual and sound experience, also a drenching as they walked behind the thunderous water making their way to the opposite bank. Taking a short break it was then back the way they came and a short ride to Pont Nedd Fechan. The second walk followed a former tram road in the wooded, Afon Mellte river gorge passing the ruins of the former gunpowder works and the watermills that once powered the site. Once Sgwd Gwladus water fall was reached they first viewed it from below then climbed to the top to see the full power of the fall as the water rushed over the top edge. With a promise to return and complete a full days hiking around the numerous falls of the area they headed back to the hall. With a couple of hours still left they set up an archery range whilst the evening’s meal was being prepared. Only when all was eaten and cleaned up did the archery begin, firstly shooting at standard roundel targets and keeping count of your score, well you have to be better than your mate, it has to be said though that the competition got much keener when a one arrow highest scorer stays on round was introduced, with some bulls being recorded as well as misses. With canoeing and camping to come in the next few weeks, they will be continuing the full and active life of an Explorer Scout.  

Catapult making

Explorers at Sgwd gwladys FallSgwd yr Eira fall




As the weather was set fair for early evening members of Les Pugh’s Own Explorer Scout Unit, decided to take to the waters of Cosmeston Country Park. Canoeing being one of the more regular activities carried out with many having spent 3 days canoeing the River Thames in the summer; it was felt this was an ideal activity to introduce several new members to the group. Although warm the cloud was passing with the occasional spit of rain, so water and wind proof clothing was used along with essential safety aids, to ensure a save experience. Launching into the water as dusk beckoned the group of 6 Kayaks and 1 canoe set off across the lake, some in an interesting zig-zag pattern, once all had familiarised themselves with the craft characteristics, it was down to some skill training simple games follow my leader, backwards paddling then on too standing up mid lake without capsizing. As the evening drew darker head torches were switched on giving a rather eerie feel to the activity, as the beams spread across the water catching one or two unsuspecting swans. All had gone well no one wet or lost in the dark, only for Megan and Daisy to have a misunderstanding right at the end; at least the wet suit was put to good use. The unit meet every Friday evening at PADSAC Victoria Playing fields undertaking a varied programme of activities throughout the year, Archery, Air rifle shooting and climbing being just a few of them.






Activities report

LPO explorers take advantage of the hot weather for some outdoor activities. Firstly on the Friday a 2 ½ Hr bike ride starting at the Leckwith retail park, after negotiating the roundabout at the bottom of Leckwith hill they decided to do a hill climb and proceeded to ride to the crest of the hill, much to the annoyance of Boo who was going to go along the Ely bike route. Ah well what goes up must come down so a swift decent followed back down the hill. Taking the Ely trail south they followed the river to Penarth road, crossing this to gain access to the continuation of the cycle track under the railway line. As if climbing Leckwith hill wasn’t hard enough they were given the challenge of ascending the man made ‘ Cardiff’ hill to take in the view of the bay and surrounding area. Sam was given the task of finding the safe way down to the Grangetown retail park. Continuing on they made their way to Cardiff bay and picked up the cycle track under the fly over by the Mall recreation ground, following this they crossed the river Taff via Clarance Bridge then made for the Hamadryad park. During the crossing of the park they were required to complete a team time trial, where Dylan, Sam and Dave were victors. A short ride later saw them at Cadyr Idris which they all managed to scale. Challenged to find something with a connection to the Tera Nova, they rode swiftly on through the bay passed the Norwegian church to the Scott memorial sculpture. Enough of the education play time came next so it was off to the skate and fitness park for the next stop. Once quads, biceps and thighs had been tested it was back on the bikes and across the barrage to the ‘zig-zag’ path. The challenge to ride to the top whilst staying seated was taken up, Dave cheated quite son and Beth blamed the chain but the others reached the top puffing but satisfied, a short gentle final 10 minutes saw them back at PADSAC their final stop. Taking full advantage of the hottest day yet this year it was off to the Brecon canal at Pontypool for a 12 mile paddle along the canal too Goitre Wharf, six members took part using both Kayak and open canoes, a very gentle and relaxed journey took them past Herons, Fowls, calves whilst keeping in the shade of the large bankside trees. The canal was mainly free of other traffic only 2 pleasure boats were met on route. 4 hours of paddling saw them return to Pontypool, giving some first aid treatment to an injured youngster on the canal side just as they reached the end.

Ellie and Beth


LMO Presentation evening 2015

Awards evening 2015

World Food Cooking Challenge 23 Jan 2015

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Climbing 16 Jan 2015

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Unit Meal 19 Dec 2014

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Summer Camp 2014

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