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Penarth & District Annual Report 2013


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Minibus Permit - ALL Groups

31st March 2014

All Scout Groups, Districts and Counties who operate (own, borrow or hire), a minibus require a Standard Bus Permit so that voluntary groups can charge or accept a form of remuneration for providing transport for their own members, without having to comply with the full PSV operator licensing or PCV driver licensing requirements.

New Minibus permits are valid for five years and have the expiry date written on the permit (looks like a tax disc). It is the responsibility of the individual Group/District and County to renew these minibus permits.

Permits issued under the previous scheme (those with no expiry date) will cease to be valid after 6th April 2014.

New permits can be purchased via the Scout Info Centre at a cost of £5.00; there is information on the Scout Association website with FAQs and an application form.


Toys for loan

The District has some new "toys" for free Loan
(Click on image to enlarge)
These are for Loan to ALL Scout Groups in the District
Garden Size Connect 4 - 2 Boxes of wooden MECCANO
6 Wobble cars - suitable for all ages.


A reminder that where Referees are required for an Adult Application, one must be from outside Scouting and NO member of the Applicants Scout Group/Unit can be used.

To quicken the process and hopefully get References returned more quickly, I can now e-mail the reference forms directly to referees. 
Please ask your referees if they have an email address and ensure this is clearly printed on the Application form.


We are currently looking to fill the following post:-

Group Scout Leader x 3 - role description

Scout Leader x2 - role description

Beaver Scout Leader - role description

Assistant Beaver Leader - role description

Assistant Explorer Leader (YL)

Assistant Scout Leader x 2 - role description

Group Treasurer x 2 - role description

Active Support Manager - role description (information about Active Support)

Active Support Members

These are the key vacant positions at present but there are a number of other position as well. Maybe you would be interesting in one of these or know someone that has been involved before or someone that would be an asset to scouting. Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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