6th Penarth Cub Scout Pack

6th Penarth Cubs in training at Tesco-Tesco were brilliant and Cubs had a great experience learning about fruit,veg,fish,cheese and the bakery. They had samples of cheese and pizza so all in all had a great time. They were also given Tesco badges!! Thanks to the Tesco staff with a massive BRAVO!!!


Cubs Food Bank-Oct 2014

Cubs Bellboating 30 April 2014

6th Cubs-Bellboating

The general comments from the pack afterwards they can't wait to repeat the whole 'bril' experience over again!

Lifeboat Station Visit

6th Penarth Cubs Lifeboat

Donation of Football Shirts

6th Cubs Football Shirts

The 6th Cub Scouts have been fortunate enough to have been given T-shirts to wear when they play 5-a-Side Football. ' 6th Penarth' has been printed on the back of the T-shirts so that the team can be identified on the field.  The Cubs are pleased to have their very own top to wear next time there is a Five-a-Side competition, and all signed a 'Thank You' card to their thoughtful donor.

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